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Firm History
Thomas James Real Estate, LLC was started in 2003 by Thomas and Debra Scharpf.  Our firm provides the marketing, leasing, development, acquisition, disposition and management of our personally-owned properties.  We do offer other broker compensation on our personally-owned properties.  In 2011 we began providing commercial and industrial real estate brokerage services to clients and customers for their properties.

Licensee Disclosure
THOMAS J SCHARPF was granted a license to practice as a REAL ESTATE BROKER in the State of Wisconsin in accordance with Wisconsin Law on the 19th day of June in the year 2006.  License NO. 53835-90

Entity Disclosure
THOMAS JAMES REAL ESTATE LLC a business entity, was granted license a REAL ESTATE BUSINESS ENTITY in the State of Wisconsin in accordance with Wisconsin Law on the 20th day of June in the year 2006.  License NO. 701492-91

Debra D Scharpf is not a licensee.

Marketing Materials
If Your Property Is Listed With Another Real Estate Company You May Want To Disregard Our Marketing Materials.

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Our domain name was successfully registered with  We use this domain name on our website, in our emails and our marketing materials.

3rd Party Sources
Thomas James Real Estate, LLC will not recommend any third-party sources or contact information for sources.